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Garage Door Safety



Do not let children (or adults) play "beat the door". It is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Adults should set a good example. Know how to use the emergency release, in case someone is pinned by the door.

Do not
let children play with or use the transmitters or remote controls. Always place and store them out of the reach of children.

The pushbutton wall control should be out of the reach of children (at least 5 feet from the floor) and away from all moving parts. Mount and use the button where you can clearly see the moving garage door.

Garage Door Failure

The leading causes of garage door failure and/or replacement include lack of maintenance and being hit by vehicles. A proper maintenance schedule for a garage door includes lubrication of the rollers, bearings, pulleys, and springs once a year; washing painted steel surfaces several times a year; painting or refinishing wood surfaces as necessary; and making proper adjustments to the counter balance system as necessary to maintain door balance. A properly balanced garage door should be able to be stopped mid-travel without drifting down or up when operated manually.



  1. Check door for proper alignment
  2. Check torsion spring mounting pad and/or operator front mounting pad
  3. Tighten center and end bearing plates, and check bearings(if torsion spring)
  4. Check and adjust track as required, tighten all mounting brackets
  5. Check and tighten all track hand angle bolts and ceiling mounts
  6. Check and tighten operator hang angle bolts and ceiling mounts
  7. Tighten all on-door hardware and make sure the bottom brackets are secure
  8. Check cable drums for cracks and worn grooves
  9. Check pulleys for worn bearings, and lift cables for frayed areas
  10. Check safety restraining cables on extension springs
  11. Adjust spring tension and door balance test
  12. Check complete perimeter weatherseals and bottom astragal seal
  13. Check door security lock
  14. Check for worn moving parts(springs, rollers, hinges, pulleys, bearings)
  15. Lubricate all moving door parts
  16. Lubricate operator chain, screw or rail
  17. Check wall button function, location and remote signal
  18. Check emergency release function
  19. Check and adjust up and down sensitivity and limits as needed
  20. Test automatic operator safety reverse feature and photoelectric cell sensors
The garage door and opener service and safety inspection includes labor only
The safety inspection does not include replacement parts or installation
Our service technician will make recommendations regarding parts replacement if required.


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